Data Center Management Training Webinars

by Bruce on April 29, 2012

As most virtual software companies are now offering free webinars to either promote their products or to teach people how to better use their products, IT asset management companies are following suit. For many companies and organizations that purchase ITAM software, data center management training continues to be a practice that can be enhanced. Webinars are created to show people how to utilize new features and updates that have been added, as well as renditions to current functions.

Even the ITAM companies themselves have things to learn from these webinars. A lot of times users of the software find software drawbacks and areas that could be enhanced to help their unique companies. These webinars are designed to answer these questions in a public gathering rather than on a customer-to-customer basis. Occasionally during open discussions, customers are able to collaborate and learn from one another in regards to how they utilize the ITAM software. Overall, the data center management training webinars prove to be a vital asset to all ITAM users and should not be missed. Other items that are touched on in the free webinars are software updates, new applications that can be added to boost your software, as well as new ways to analyze your current data.

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