Making a website is very easy now

by Bruce on June 6, 2012

Wondering how to make a website?

Nowadays it is not that hard to DIY.

Previously if you did not know web development and design, you had no choice but to hire a professional to help you. This was often a costly affair.

You now have several content management systems, which let you make your own websites, without hiring anyone and without spending much money. Some examples are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

My favourite platform is WordPress. I think it’s the easiest for a newbie to learn and had tons of great features. Most notably, it has thousands of plugins, that are like iPhone apps. These plugins are made by third party developers/ companies and let you add various functionalities to your website, such as a contact form, social commenting system, job board, business directory, classified adds and even a full blown social network.

You also get many themes for WordPress. Themes are readymade designs for your website and you can get a relevant theme, based on your line of business. Most of these are available for quite a reasonable price ($40 on average).

So if you want to make your own website now, just get yourself a good web host, setup WordPress, buy a theme and you’re good to go.


The modern world is run by computers. Can you imagine how your life would be without computers? The heavy dependence of people on computers is evident. From education to business to construction and even designing, computer has taken over. It would do well for people to remember to take care of their computers properly, such as taking it to a professional computer technician for updates, removal of virus, and other tasks to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for a long time. You can choose Online Computer Repair to do the necessary maintenance on your PC.

But why opt for a remote computer repair? Several reasons come to mind but this article will discuss only the top two reasons. The first best reason is the fact that remote computer repairs are done quickly yet efficiently. Taking your PC to a repair shop takes time since you cannot pick it up a few hours after you dropped off your computer. The repair shop gives a turnover of at least two days. Two days without computer is inconvenient, after all we rely on the computer for communication, entertainment and even business. This situation is avoided when you utilize remote computer repair because repairs and maintenance are done right after the moment you allowed the company access to your computer. The second best reason is it is cost-efficient. Other repair methods charge quite a sum of money, but online PC repair charges per hour, and when they cannot fix your computer, there is not charge at all.


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